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Dutch tax returns may require professional assistance to fill out

Getting a Dutch tax return filed correctly can be a difficult matter. Still, it is imperative to become eligible for the so-called 30% tax ruling for foreign-born employees with Dutch companies. Under this ruling, 30% of your gross income is paid out without any taxes withheld. This means a higher net income for you. If you are not familiar with Dutch tax brackets and need professional assistance, Witlox International Tax Advice offers full service for filling out Dutch tax returns. They will provide assistance with all social and economic tax that might be applicable to your situation.

Have your Dutch tax returns taken care of

Witlox International Tax Advice assists many expats with their tax return forms in the Netherlands. Their professional advisors are well aware of the obstacles you have to deal with. Spouses are taxed separately on labor income (such as salaries) in the Netherlands. Tax will be withheld on your Dutch salary wage for income taxes due after filing the income tax return. Witlox International Tax Advice fill in your income tax return for you and your partner. For a reasonable price and rapidly! This service includes:

  • Filing the tax returns for you and your partner
  • Fiscal advice related to your specific tax situation
  • Sending the questionnaire to collect all relevant data
  • If needed they file an appeal in case the assessment does not match the return filed
  • If necessary they file a request for the monthly tax refund

Use this service for filling out tax returns

Witlox International Tax Advice is at your disposal to fill out your Dutch tax return. This company has special services to take care of your Dutch tax returns. Expedite your filling process and let their experts answer any and all questions you might have. They’d be happy to tell you about your tax analyses for the specified tax year.