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Give a Montblanc rollerball during the upcoming festive season

When in doubt for the upcoming holiday season, think about giving your recently graduated son or daughter or maybe your business partner a gift they will use every day. A Montblanc rollerball has always been associated with beautiful, exclusive gifts or souvenirs for special occasions. Its functional beauty and European craftmanship exude luxury and quality. It represents artisanal prowess and traditional craftmanship that becomes more and more rare over the years. A Montblanc rollerball is a very suitable gift, both for yourself or for someone else. 

What kinds of the Montblanc rollerball are available?

All of the pens and pencils from Montblanc are of very high quality. Whether you want to use the Montblanc rollerball for signing important documents or as your everyday writing equipment, you will always find a mechanical pencil that fits your needs and standards. At Appelboom, you find different kinds of the Montblanc rollerball, such as:

  • Bonheur
  • Meisterstuck Classique GT
  • Great Characters James Dean
  • Starwalker Metal
  • Donation George Gershwin

Have you found the perfect writing equipment? It is possible to engrave the writing instrument with a personal message, only establishing its unique design and character. At Appelboom, the engravement is done professionally in one line with a normal font. However, special requests are also possible.

Trust experience while finding the perfect stationery

At Appelboom you will find a partner in stationery that has over 25 years of experience. The extensive and special range of not only the Montblanc rollerball but many other high quality pens and pencils, ensures you will find your perfect writing equipment. The shop can be found in Laren in the Netherlands, but you can also order your favorite Montblanc rollerballs online. Whether you are in the Netherlands, Japan or the United States – they deliver worldwide in the fastest possible time. Start writing like royalty with the king amongst writing equipment!