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How to hire


Following to Online Solutions Group survey, employees who feel a importend of mission at the workplace are more likely to stay at the workplace. From the very beginning, managers have to explain what the organization’s goals are and how employees’ work contributes to achieving this goal. It is important for the employee to understand his or her position in the goal process and how important his or her productivity is. This will be the motivation that drives employees and makes them proud of the success of the organization.

New employees are difficult. You can make new employees feel better by rewarding them when they reach their goals. For example, in terms of sales, if a new employee’s sales reach a certain level, he/she may receive a bonus. For people in other different industries, goals and objectives may be more related to task completion. After completing a task, the new employee will may receive a small or big reward. As the task is completed, the reward can be increased.


It may be attractive to offer a project to your new employees immediately, but it is important that you do not wait. Make sure to provide them with relevant work immediately and link the project with specific goals so that they feel that their work is meaningful. This may not be a major project, but if they have received training in a certain field, it will give them the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice. Believe that your new employee will complete the task, but be sure to provide guidance in the process. They will thank you for your support and you will be able to follow its progress closely. After the project is completed, provide a lot of feedback. Positive reinforcement and suggestions for improvement next time will give them a good understanding of your expectations for the future.


Entering a new environment is stressful for anyone. Partnering new employees with someone in the organization makes work easier. This friend provides a kind of comradeship and support for your new employees, and is very suitable for answering workplace questions that may be inconvenient for new employees to ask your boss. Be sure to provide your employees with the resources they need to help your new employees, and consider giving them some allowances so that they can take the new employees out for lunch so they can get to know each other. Establishing a relationship with their new mentor is the key to the growth and business development of new employees within the new company.


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