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Mustread: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade

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Almost everyone has heard of Robert Cialdini and his most popular book, The Psychology of Influence. This is a real bestseller, still selling in millions of copies. Cialdini himself, after the publication of this book, gained fame as a researcher who has the highest qualifications in recognizing lies and manipulations. But he could not imagine that his book would be used not to protect himself from manipulation, but, on the contrary, to “pump” his management skills and influence people even better. Having learned what his readers really need, he, in co-authorship with Steve Martin and Noah Goldstein, published the book “The Psychology of Persuasion. 50 Proven Ways to Be Persuasive ”(read sprint books in our library). This book, in fact, did not differ much from “The Psychology of Influence”, but in it the main emphasis was not on “defense” but on “attack”.

A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade by Robert Cialdini, provides invaluable lessons on how to become a true master of persuasion.

Pre-Suasion is the first book in thirty years that Cialdini published independently, without the participation of other authors. It is almost entirely based on the author’s own experience, who is one of the most cited psychologists of our time.

How to become truly convincing? It doesn’t take charisma or good speaking skills to do this. You need to process your audience before your main message. Only in this case will the enterprise have maximum reach and success. Robert Cialdini talks about how to prepare people to accept your ideas, what techniques and methods should be used, which will change the views and beliefs of the audience to those that you need.

In his new book, Cialdini turns to a wealth of research in psychology and neurophysiology. Based on them, he gives practical examples that will help to conduct a successful marketing campaign, will allow your business to grow. But what can I say, the ideas of this book will be useful, as the author himself writes, even for military propaganda. These techniques rebuild the consciousness of people, turning their “No” into the “Yes” you need. This is not a book, but a real study guide for marketers, psychologists, and anyone else who wants to become masters of persuasion.

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