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RFID system

RFID system has revolutionised the way libraries identify, register, secure and search for books and other items. Robust and yet easy to install and manage, the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system utilises cutting-edge technology for providing innovative solutions in the administration of the modern library. 

How RFID System Works

The system uses an object, usually a tag, added to a library item for identifying and tracking the movement of the item. In place of the barcode and scanner, the system utilises a reader and a tag embedded with a microchip to identify items. The microchip is programmed with security and identification information. In addition, it contains an aluminium antenna capable of transmitting radio frequencies which can be picked up by a reader from a distance. Since the tag contains security information, the reader can detect the security status of an item and alarm RFID security gates. The information programmed into the tag’s microchip, including the title of the item will immediately become available at a designated staff station. This way, library staff can easily tell which item caused the alarm so that library users can be advised to correctly borrow such items and avoid embarrassment.

Other Library Solutions Provided by RFID

The RFID system enhances accurate shelving of library items, monitoring of inventory and checking of items in and out of the library. Library staff can also identify wrongly shelved items quickly and they can locate missing items by simply scanning the library shelves.

Why Use the RFID System?

RFID technology is an intuitive library solution with the capacity to speed up the movement of library items. RFID readers are configured to read multiple RFID tags at the same time. This facilitates material handling tasks for library staff and cuts down the time library users spend in the library check-in and check-out process. Libraries looking to reduce materials handling time, improve the flow of items in their library and enhance overall user experience will benefit immensely from the use of the RFID system.