Looking for a partner in international ship repair for underwater repairs on your vessel? If you are looking for international ship repair services, Antwerp Underwater Solutions can offer you many options to provide your ship with the best care. Their underwater engineers have the knowledge and experience to conduct vessel repairs efficiently and effectively, 24/7. No matter the job, they do it, from repairing anchors and chains, to removing rust or fixing other damage. Get in touch with them, and tell them what they can accomplish for your vessel.

Getting your vessel ship-shape with a clear plan of action

If you have a damaged ship, you need a straight-forward solution, designed by professionals. At Antwerp Underwater Solutions, they understand that a ship that is confined to port is incapable of generating revenue. This company offers solutions that will put your ship back out to sea in no time at all. While many repair services will offer to dry-dock your ship, this is not the most efficient repair strategy. Towing the ship out of the water into proper facilities and building the scaffolding is expensive and inefficient – and typically unnecessary. The international ship repair done by Antwerp Underwater Solutions’ comprises repairs on your vessel performed underwater. By means of underwater welding, cracks and holes of considerable size can be closed safely. On occasion, when a dry working environment is required, a cofferdam will be constructed enabling repair from within the ship itself. Both repair strategies can be performed by this company’s personnel in every European harbor, earning them the title of a truly international ship repair company.

Your repairs, evaluated in a personalized, free quotation

Interested in retaining the services of this international ship repair company? Then get in touch with them directly, to get the process started. By contacting them, you can obtain a free quotation analyzing the costs of the repairs your vessel requires. The company can be reached 24/7; they will be happy to help you out with any maintenance, repairs or inspections on your vessel!