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Safer maintenance with a barred tee in your pipeline

Do you want to use a way for making maintenance operation in your pipeline safe? Then a barred tee might be the answer for you. A barred tee is a type of pipefitting with a cage-like structure. This structure helps a maintenance pig by preventing it from flowing in pipes it should not go. If you do not use a barred tee the maintenance pig could clog up pipeline or alter the flow. Therefore, you can see that a barred tee is essential. The online specialist, PipingMarket.eu has a wide selection of these products available for your pipelines.

An alloy with high resistance against corrosion

Cunifer is an alloy that is made out of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni) and iron (Fe). Hence, where the name cunifer is made from. It is an extremely durable material with a high resistance against corrosion. This is why it is often used in the piping industry in areas with corrosive fluids. However, cunifer has more strong usages besides resistance against corrosion. It possesses anti-fouling properties too. This prevents micro-organisms, from attaching latching its surface. This makes it solid option in off-shore projects. Do you want to use pipes, that are made from this alloy? Then browse the website of PipingMarket.eu. They offer a variety of pipes for you available from stock.  

Ask any question about pipelines at their helpdesk

Do you want to buy cunifer alloy pipes or a barred tee for your project? Then browse the product offerings of PipingMarket.eu. They are the leading specialist on a variety of parts and supplies for the piping industry. Their website has elaborate data on all of the products that are in stock. However, if you have any additional questions, then feel free to ask them. They are always happy to assist with any question that you may have.