Underfloor heating and floor coverings 

Many people think that underfloor heating can only be combined with tiles. However, thos days are very much behind us. Where once almost no other floor coverings other than tiles could be chosen, most (good) suppliers now can combine their underfloor heating systems with almost any floor covering. However, when you are going to shop around, always mention that you wish to combine the floorcovering with underfloor heating, since the product has to be tuned towards it. Also the other way around, the density of heating pipes in the floor may differ depending as well depending on the transmission.

Whether or not a product is suitable to combine with underfloor heating Edinburgh, depends on the permeability of the product. After all, if it has such high insulation strength that it bends the heat down, then that is not the product you are looking for.

Some floor coverings that are suitable, besides tiles:

  • Wood/Parquet: the most important aspect in choosing a suitable wooden floor is the Rc value (resistance value) of a floor. The lower this value, the more suitable it is for underfloor heating. Usually a multilayer parquet is chosen. Oak is in comparison to other types of wood the best choice for a combination with underfloor heating, because this type of wood is less sensitive to temperature changes and moisture levels. 
  • Marmoleum is a natural product consisting of linseed oil, wood flour, resin, jute and limestone. Due to the fact that it is a natural product, it absorbs the ambient heat and it is therefore suitable to combine with underfloor heating. Due to the fact that the water temperature is not too high and the heat is absorbed by the floor, the heat transfer is limited.
  • PVC floors: PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and is a plastic. It is designed as an alternative to laminate, vynal or parquet and very suitable for rooms where the quality of the floor must be high. In addition, these floors are easy to maintain, very stable and quiet. PVC is known to reducing noice levels. It is available in all kinds of motives, including wood patterns that are difficult to distinguish from real wood.
  • Laminate: not every kind of laminate is suitable for underfloor heating East Lothian, so here you need to keep that mind when purchasing it. In addition, the subfloor is very important. This needs to be specifically suitable for underfloor heating, as a standard subfloor is normally designed for insulation and that would mean that in case of underfloor heating that the heat is stopped. However, when both the subfloor if the laminate are suitable for the combination with underfloor heating, this is a nice match.
  • Cast floor: by its minimum layer thickness is a cast floor a fine transmitter for the heat. It picks the heat up very quickly from the underfloor heating and transmits it to the surroundings very quickly. Ideal for a floor with underfloor heating.
  • Carpet: Last but certainly not least! Carpets are still the preferred floorcoverings for firstfloor bedrooms and landings. This for comfort reasons and its sound dampening chracteristics. Depending on the material, carpets can certainly be used in combination with underfloor heating.